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Western Ownership

Sino is unique in the fact that we’re UK & Chinese owned, headed up by Rob Harris in the UK and Li Xie, in China. Rob & Li joined forces in 2003 after seeing a gap in the market for companies wanting to manufacture in China but hesitant due to language & communication barriers, time zones, distance and quality. Sino prides itself on being a Chinese factory with Western values. 

With the comfort of British ownership and standards as well as technical staff in the UK, Rob & Li found many more companies attached to manufacturing in China. Far East manufacture gives firms the opportunity to produce high quality products, reduce manufacturing costs and raise profits. Sino understands the thought of moving production 6000 miles away can be a daunting one and that’s why we’ve tailored our business model around it.

 The main reservations companies have when thinking about manufacturing in China is the language & communication barrier. This is where Sino differs from other Chinese factories, we’re UK owned with headquarters in Birmingham, you can communicate with us here in the UK. Our engineering department heads speak English and Li who runs operations in China has spent years studying and working in English in the UK. Manufacturing with Sino directly rather than using an outsourcing consultant means you don’t pay for a middle man or deal with one, allowing quicker and effective production as well as a higher quality of manufacturing as we can tailor of service to suit your individual company needs.

 Our UK based team talk daily to our Chinese engineers as well as frequent trips, ensuring a high level of communication, detailed planning and rapid response time on manufacturing projects. We also have a senior member of our technical team on secondment in China.

Contact the team now on +1 800 701 4495 or complete an enquiry form