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Sino Manufacturing Solutions have been supplying mould tooling globally since 2003, we operate from Canada, United States, Canada and our headquarters are in the UK. Our 30,000 square foot factory in Shenzhen manufactures precision injection mould tools from simple, single impression cap tools weighing a few kilograms to complex, multi-cavity or large plastic enclosures weighing up to 8 tons.

Our recent expansion program, increasing our manufacturing floor space to 30,000 square feet, and the considerable investment in new high speed CNC machining centres and Sodick EDM machinery we are able to manage large complex multi-tool projects from our Shenzhen site. 

We use German, Swedish and Japanese steels depending on the application to fit established hot runner systems such as Masterflow, Synventive and Hasco. Other hot runner systems are available depending on customer requirements.

Sino offers a complete tool manufacturing service including advice on tool design, in-house mold development including Moldflow analysis and a comprehensive in-house mold trial service using our injection presses from 90 to 300 ton clamping force.

Contact the team now on +1 800 701 4495 or complete an enquiry form