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New Machinery For Best Results

The recent expansion program increased the size of our Shenzhen manufacturing facility to 30,000 square feet and relocated our mold trial shop in a separate factory unit on the same site.

The expansion included the installation of new machinery both in the tool room and tool trial shop to meet the growing demands of our customer base.

Mirror Spark CNC-EDM AM80

Sodick EDM ALN400Q

This superior machine has a 4-axis motor drive for precise axis movement and accurate positional control. The high performance machine allows Sino to produce precise, superior mold tools timely.  

Fanuc Robodrill D14MiA

Very versatile machining centre purchased for the high-speed machining of electrodes.

GAMMA Large bed CNC Machining Centre

Installed in February 2017 fitted with a longer bed, this machining centre will give greater capacity for cutting electrodes, cavities & cores for larger mold tools.

Haitian 300-ton injection press

This new press enables Sino to offer tool trials from 90 to 300 ton clamping force. Our molding shop is fully equipped to carry out pre-production tool trials including de-humidifying dryers, chillers, water heaters, robot demolding & a fully equipped metrology department.

Contact the team now on +1 800 701 4495 or complete an enquiry form