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Die Casting

We're a British owned Chinese factory with a dedicated & qualified team of engineers who provide customers with a consistent, professional and cost effective, gravity die casting and high pressure die casting service. Sino has many years of experience in die casting and we're experts in our field, all components engineered are ISO 9001:2008 accredited. 

Sino is a British owned, Chinese factory with headquarters in the UK, we combine British know how with Chinese engineering. Our skilled team of engineers provide customers with technical support throughout the die casting process, ensuring efficiency and quality.

Our world class Chinese facility is run by English speaking staff to British standards, we offer cost effective high pressure and gravity fed die casting components in aluminium and Zinc alloy. Sino can produce die castings ranging from a few grams up to 5KGS.   

Considerable Experience

Sino has considerable experience in tooling for both die-cast and injection moulded parts. The quality of a die-cast part and its successful manufacture starts with well-designed and a well-constructed tool. Our engineers and toolmakers ensure that all tooling meets the requirements of the project whether it is a prototype, low or high-volume production.

A wide range of cosmetic and protective coatings to be applied to the finished die casting for both decorative and engineering applications to suit individual requirements.

Contact the team now on +1 800 701 4495 or complete an enquiry form